Help Us to Identify Tesla Model Y

At the moment, only Tesla Model 3 vehicles can be spotted using the Tesla Radar app. This has to do with the “Phone Key” feature that is part of Model 3's feature-set allowing passive entry.

As Tesla is including this very convenient feature into newer vehicles, we would like to find out whether it's possible to also identify ‘Model Y’ or the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck by the signature they emit.

How to Help Us to Identify Model Y

As reports about spotted Tesla Model Y vehicles increase, we would like to find out whether the Bluetooth signature of these cars differs from known signatures. If there was a different Signature, we would be able to count spotred Model Y vehicles separately from the Model 3 count.

No matter, whether you are on iOS or Android: There is apps for both platforms that can display Bluetooth LE devices in their proximity. Andoid users could use the app BLE Scanner for Android and iPhone users could use the app BLE Scanner for iPhone in order to see these BLE devices.

Once you see a Tesla Model Y, pull out your phone, open the BLE monitoring app and take screenshots. Ideally one screenshot of the overview of detected BLE beacons and one screenshot showing the UUIDs of BLE services and characteristics being exposed. (Instructions for Android, Instructions for iPhone )

Please send the screenshots to

Thank You!