Tesla Radar

Tesla Radar

Tesla cars with enabled 'Phone Key' feature can be detected using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. By installing this app you contribute to generating a global crowd-sourced heatmap of detectable Tesla cars.

Collect Data

Information on spotted cars is stored in a local database. You can go back in time and review all vehicles that you spotted.

Get Notified

Once the app is installed, it will run in background and monitor your surroundings for detectable Tesla cars. Eventually, you get notified whenever a Tesla is in your radio proximity.

Share your Data

By sharing your data on Teslas your app spotted, you help building a global Tesla heat map that visualizes geographic areas with high Tesla density.

Enter the Competition

The TeslaRadar app features leaderboards, that rank the countries, regions by the number of unique detectable Tesla vehicles and observer devices by their level of activity.


In case you decide to share your data from the app, you can be assured, that none of your personal data is transmitted or collected by Tesla Radar.